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Issue 1

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ESP Professional has now been officially registered with ISSN 2515-513X. Now we are fully ready for the future!   All contributors will receive ESP Professional free of charge to the address they provided.

ESP Professional is the only magazine to focus on English for Specific Purposes for especially ESP teachers and professionals. Written by and for ESP practitioners, we specialise in providing practical and timely support to our colleagues.  

ESP Professional is an peer-reviewed magazine that welcomes submissions from all over the world. Authors are encouraged to submit articles relevant to the teaching and learning of discourse for specific communities: academic, occupational, or otherwise specialized which includes second language acquisition in specialized contexts, needs assessment, curriculum development and evaluation, material development in ESP, descriptions of specialized varieties of English, teaching and assessment methods, the effectiveness of various approaches used in ESP  classrroms and sugestions for ESP methods and approaches. In addition, the magazine welcomes articles and discussions that identify issues and/or problems in ESP development, teaching experiences, good or bad-what works in the specific classroom-, the implementation of ESP programmes at universities, and ESP at work. We especially value the sharing of experience;  what works in the classroom, new trends, practical tips and general knowledge sharing.  

Submit your  ESP teaching experiences, good or bad, anytopics related to English for Specific Purposes to us. Our first issue will be completed with you. 

Submit your paper!

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We are publishing a new magazine for ESP teachers. This is your magazine, your voice!


  • to share different teaching approaches, methods and new techniques you used in the classroom for ESP field.
  • to exchange ideas in ESP field.
  • to share new resources for ESP.
  • to establish a strong network among ESP teachers from all over the world. 

We suggest articles be at any length. It can be short or long. Bur for suggestion, 3 pages with font 10, Times New Roman. Your article cancontain pictures, diagrams and tables.
There is no publication fee.
All articles will be peer reviewed by the editorial board.

Make your submission via


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